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Authentic Indian Cuisine


I started Mukti’s Kitchen after a few good friends insisted that I do something to let others know about the variety and uniqueness of my Indian cooking. I have a desire to share my passion for food with people in order to empower them to make better choices when it comes to nutrition, help them cook for themselves a bit more, and learn how to maintain healthy diets – happy and healthy.

The Best Indian Cuisine Outside of Kolkata

Through offering these traditional Indian cooking classes I honor my mother and aunts who taught me and there mothers and aunts who taught them Come and enjoy a culinary tradition handed down through generations.

Restaurant Quality Meals at Home

Learn to make the Indian food you love from the comfort of your own home. My online Indian cooking classes will help you create wonderful dishes the whole family can enjoy.

Spice Things Up

We’ll discuss the flavors and complexity spices bring to these traditional Indian dishes. I’ll teach you, where to get great masalas and other fresh ingredients. I’ll teach you the nuances of how to keep all the delicious aromas intact while preparing these great dishes.

More Than Ingredients and Directions

In my classes I take the time to explain why each dish is so special and what health benefits you can expect; the real secrets of delicious Indian cooking most cookbooks don’t bother to tell you about.

Light, Healthy, & Unbelievable Flavorful Food

In some of my special cooking classes, I cover the basics of Ayurveda medicine and how to balance aromas and flavors while preparing a complete Indian vegetarian or vegan meal.

Delicious and Healthy Dishes Created By You

In my classes you can expect step-by-step instructions and easy to understand directions so you get the best results possible. Gain the confidence and skills to create some amazing food.

Behind the Scenes of Mukti’s Kitchen


Butter Chicken and Paratha

Learn to make this mouthwatering dish made of tender chunks of chicken in a creamy curry sauce served with traditional paratha flatbread.


Vegan & Gluten-Free

Indian Dishes

In this class we create vegan versions of authentic Indian dishes with zero oil, salt, or sugar. Perfect for people on a special diet.


Authentic Indian Vegetarian

Master vegetarian cooking as I explain step-by-step the nuances of using diverse spices in a wonderful balance of taste and aroma.

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What People Are Saying


“Mukti’s Class Was Amazing”

“She invites you into her home and you are treated as family as you learn multiple authentic Indian recipes. It is great hands-on learning…”

-Ken L.

“I love Mukti’s classes & expertise”

“Chef Mukti does a masterful job of teaching us online as she does in home…”

– Judith B.


“I had an amazing experience”

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she taught the entire class over Zoom, with three cameras that showed every step of the preparation. “

-Michael Y.

“We were not disappointed!”

“Mukti taught us the main spices used in Indian cuisine, showed us how to properly toast, combine, and grind them…”

-Erica C.

More 5 Star Reviews


For more that 10 years I have had the honor and pleasure of teaching hundreds of people, just like you, to cook the most wonderful Indian food. They have been generous enough to leave many fine reviews that I share with you now.

Mukti's Kitchen reviews on Google
Mukti's Kitchen reviews on Google
Mukti's Kitchen reviews on Google
Mukti's Kitchen reviews on Google
Mukti's Kitchen reviews on Google