Mukti new website 1Mukti Banerjee grew up in Calcutta, India and learned to cook from her mother and aunt. In 1986, Mukti moved to the U.S. with her husband Partha to work as a biologist. In 2006, she retired from the nine-to-five routine so that she could work full-time on her dream – bringing the flavors and the benefits of Indian cooking to all New Yorkers.

Her family and friends have been telling her for years that her cooking is so good that she should let others try it too. In 2012 she decided they were right, and Mukti’s Kitchen was born.

Mukti’s Kitchen offers hands-on Indian cooking classes, lecture-demonstrations and catering services. Mukti focuses on Indian food, Indian cooking and healthy eating. She uses authentic, modern Indian techniques, with adjustments for American kitchens and any dietary restrictions.

Come to Mukti’s Kitchen to learn how to cook an entire meal or just one special dish. Let Mukti teach you the basics of healthy Indian-style cooking, from the names and special characteristics of Indian spices, to the secrets that will give you the best flavor.  And, if you’d love to serve a special Indian meal to your family or friends but don’t feel ready to cook it yourself, she’ll cater it for you!





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