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Vegan Vegetable Pulao

Delicious Vegetarian / Vegan Indian Dinner


You can learn to make vegetable or vegan Indian dishes and other fine Indian cuisine with Mukti. Come join us! –


Product Description

Vegetarian/Vegan Indian Dinner - Pulao

Vegan Vegetable Pulao

Delicious Vegetarian / Vegan Indian Dinner

What you’ll learn:

  • Okra Masala
  • Baigan Bharta (smoked eggplant in onion and garden herbs)
  • Chana dal with coconut
  • Vegetable Pulao
  • Onion Fritters with chickpea flour

 WHAT WE COOK, AND WHAT WE EAT. — A must for all the vegetarians and vegans out there. Enjoy a full course meal of 5 different, delicious vegetarian dishes!

Our first dish on this menu is Okra Masala. Okras, you either hate them or love them but after learning my okra masala I know you will love them. Fresh, organic okras infused with a variety of spice blend, healthy yet full of flavors.

Next up we have Baigan Bharta, which is smoked eggplants in onions and garden herbs. This dish doesn’t require as much spices as compared to other dishes because all the flavors come from the herbs.

Chana Dal with Coconut, a dish you must try for the benefit of your health. A yummy pea dish that is usually made from a variety of spices but at Mukti’s Kitchen, we like to add some coconut flavor to it for a refreshing taste.

Happiness is a bowl of Vegetable Pulao; a simple rice dish of mixed vegetables that is salty yet sweet at the same time.

Lastly on the menu we have Onion Fritters. These crispy appetizers are a must to try, they are made with chickpea flour, so it’s gluten free!

All of my dishes are very easy to make, so don’t feel overwhelmed.

In the very beginning of my class we will get to know each other and enjoy some refreshments. Then I will teach you everything you need to know about spices, which is the basis of Indian cooking that will come handy when we begin to cook. My class is very hands-on, so every one of my students will have the opportunity to prepare and cook the dishes.

At the end, when everything is finished, we will have dinner together and talk about your experience in my kitchen.


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