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Sunday Vegetarian Indian Breakfast/ Brunch


Indian breakfast of varied types: Kachouri and Potato Curry and much more.


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Indian Breakfast Food - Kachouri and Potato Curry

Kachouri and Potato Curry


In India breakfast varies from region to region. Many of my students asked me to do a class where I will teach them some yummy breakfast dishes. So here is the opportunity, I will show you, few which are very popular all over India. Come and learn these dishes and delight your friends and family:

What you will learn:

  • Aloo poha (beaten rice)— flat rice with cauliflower and onions and potatoes This is completely Gluten free
  • Upma Semolina with onion, cashews and raisins This is completely Gluten free
  • Kochouri (Stuffed Puri) with Potato Curry
  • Plus, Chutney


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