A New Year Resolution You Can Keep

We make resolutions every year on January 1. But often, we fail to keep them, and follow up with them. It is because in many cases, the resolutions are not pragmatic. They are often too ambitious, or too unrealistic.

Health resolutions are harder, because of the many provocations with food. Food that we should eat, and food that we should not. Drinks and beverages: the same story. Especially during festive seasons, we get attracted to food and drinks that we know are not good for us; yet, they are too big of a temptation to avoid. We end up consuming too much fat, too much cholesterol, and too much alcohol and caffeine.

Is there a balance we can strike, and still not eat cardboard cereal, and drink tap water only?

How can we have fun, without having to compromise the pleasures of eating and drinking? And still be healthy?

I have some simple tips for you.


Fight the Flu with Indian Food — Part 1

Indian food has some very special spices that are known for their health properties. And if you know how to use them in the best possible way, you can stay healthy, and fight off many seasonal illnesses.

Come this winter and come this flu season, you can try a couple of Indian dishes that will help you to fight against the flu. I'm NOT advising against taking the flu shot or any other precautions you may take, but these dishes are also very helpful in keeping healthy and strong especially during the coldest months of the year: December, January and February here in the U.S.

Indian spices

Indian spices


Secrets of Healthy Indian Food
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Harsh winter – stay healthy with these recipes
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Simple Indian Dinner You Can Cook Even On Weekdays
Dear Friends of Mukti's Kitchen: This is a photo of a simple, home-made Indian dinner to let you know that you can cook it easily in a relatively short period of time. I invite you to try it too. Why am I saying this? More...
Phulkopir Chorchori – Cauliflower and Potato Curry
Today's recipe is Phulkopir Chorchori - cauliflower and potato curry. A quick and easy dish you can try at home with your family. More...