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“Mukti’s class was fabulous! It was authentic, informative, hands-on – everything I had hoped for. Thanks, Mukti!!”

– Irene H.

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Bring your friends and family together to try out new Indian food recipes. Including vegetarian options!

Welcome to Mukti’s Kitchen.

Come join me and learn to prepare healthy and delicious Indian food in my hands-on cooking classes. My classes are fun and interactive and bring you the essence of India through fabulous foods, friendship and conversation. But don’t take my word for it. Read the reviews and testimonials from my students.

I am also available to cater your next unforgettable event. Just head to the contact page and let me know how I can be of service to you and your guests.

On the blog you’ll find the latest updates from my classes and interesting facts about my life as an Indian chef in Brooklyn. I also post recipes of the many dishes I teach in my class. Try them at home and please share your experience in the comments.


Butter Chicken and Paratha

Learn to make this mouthwatering dish made of tender chunks of chicken in a creamy curry sauce served with traditional paratha flatbread.


Vegan & Gluten-Free

Indian Dishes

In this class we create vegan versions of authentic Indian dishes with zero oil, salt, or sugar. Perfect for people on a special diet.


Authentic Indian Vegetarian

Master vegetarian cooking as I explain step-by-step the nuances of using diverse spices in a wonderful balance of taste and aroma.

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Returning from India, American Food Did Not Taste That Great! 🙂

Returning from India, American Food Did Not Taste That Great! 🙂

When I came back to New York after spending a few weeks in India, it felt very nostalgic. The climate in India is always mild and mellow. People in India, in spite of going through many serious obstacles, are warm and friendly. And Indian food truly embraces you with its unbelievable taste, diversity, and culinary artistry. I do not want to undermine the talents of the many young and old chefs that thrive here in America, with their ratings and rewards and numerous followers. But here I am...

Monsoon Magic in India

Monsoon Magic in India

Every single person on earth has a special season they love the most. Here in America, most people perhaps love the fall, with the beautiful mild or perhaps a little cool weather, and Mother Nature unfolding its fantastic colors. Gentle breeze to soothe the soul. People take a minute to look around and appreciate the beautiful surroundings. In India, because we have six distinct seasons, and in most places there is no real winter with the snow and all, and fall is kind of indistinct, the...

Our Bangladesh Trip Was Beautiful

Our Bangladesh Trip Was Beautiful

In late February and early March, my husband and I traveled to Bangladesh. It was my first visit to that country. I loved every minute of it.

What People Are Saying


"We had a wonderful time at Mukti’s kitchen. It was slow, thorough, participatory and always engaging. I feel ready to throw away all of my powdered spices and start adding complex and healthy flavor to my food. "

- Jeremy. G Oct 2, 2022

"We took a lesson with Mukti and it was an incredible experience, would recommend to anyone! She warmly welcomed us into her home (even when I was running very late due to traffic), taught us how to cook a wonderful meal, and shared stories about her life with us. And the food was so delicious. We’d gladly go back again!"

- Carly E. Sept 11, 2022


"Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she taught the entire class over Zoom, with three cameras that showed every step of the preparation. "

-Michael Y.

"What a fantastic time we had with Mukti! It was an immersion in the delicious side of her Chemistry wisdom, both in what we learned about Indian spices and in how beautifully she integrated our little group into the food’s secrets and marvels. Just so much fun and rewarding to be a part of. My wife and I heartily recommend a visit, pakora, saag paneer, and some butter chicken!"

- Gary. Z August 30, 2022

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For more that 10 years I have had the honor and pleasure of teaching hundreds of people, just like you, to cook the most wonderful Indian food. They have been generous enough to leave many fine reviews that I share with you now.

Mukti's Kitchen reviews on Google
Mukti's Kitchen reviews on Google
Mukti's Kitchen reviews on Google
Mukti's Kitchen reviews on Google
Mukti's Kitchen reviews on Google
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