Celebrate Diwali Today :-)
Goddess Kali the Demon Slayer. Art melts with religion.

Goddess Kali the Demon Slayer. Art melts with religion.

Celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

This year, it’s on Thursday, October 23. Be festive, be merry.

Decorate your home, school and work place with lights. Small lights. Big lights. Anything that can lighten up and illuminate. Anything that can make the day bright and full of smiles.

And then, celebrate the happy occasion with Indian food. Happy and healthy Indian food.

And if you like sweets, have Indian sweets.



This is a Very Sweet Time :-)

Indian SweetsThis is really the time for sweets.

Indian sweets. Bengali sweets. Punjabi sweets. Delhi sweets. Bombay sweets. You name it.

The time between Durga Puja in West Bengal and East Bengal (now Bangladesh) — in early October — and Diwali in Punjab, Gujarat, Delhi and others parts of India — in late October — is the time when people visit their friends and relatives. We touch the elder’s feet in reverence. They bless us by putting their palm on our forehead. Men and women of equal age embrace each other in affection and love.


Food, Fun, Festivity and Hinduism
The Deities and the Devotees.

The Deities and the Devotees.

Written by Partha Banerjee of One Final Blog

October is the season for our Hindu religious and social festivity. Durga Puja and Lakshmi Puja, followed by Diwali, Brother’s Day, and many more.

Not too many people know here in America. But it is truly a fascinating, colorful time for us. Because all of the religious celebrations and pujas are linked with food and fun. Food fun. And fun food.


And to me, it’s more about food and fun than religion and rituals.

Hindu religious festivals are absolutely, brightly colorful with mouth-watering food. And what’s more, because it’s directly linked with the sacred events, the food is actually even more healthy and pious than the often-extravagant and spicy Indian dishes.

And you can’t complain about good, delicious Indian food with carefully preserved health qualities, can you?


Goddess Durga and Godly Food
Jodhpur Park Durga Puja

Goddess Durga the Demon Slayer.

Goddess Durga with her ten hands and four children are here. She rides the lion and vanquishes the Asura – the demon. We celebrate her arrival on earth.


The four-day celebration has just begun. It’s that time when in India and Bengal and wherever we are, religion melts with social traditions, rituals melt with art, and fun melts with food.


Hindu Durga Puja is all about society and religion, fun and frolicking, and art and food.


And artistic food. You would miss out a lot if you didn’t know.


Let me help you to know.


Curry, Not In A Hurry :-)

Curry1Indian curry can NOT be made in a hurry.

No matter what they say. It’s not possible. You need time.


Because, it’s not magic. I mean, the cooking is magical. You can taste and smell and savor and slurp the magic once the dish is done.

But, you cannot make it as if something appears out of thin air when you wave a magic wand.

It’s art, and it’s delicate, and it’s subtle. You need time, and you need patience.


A Hundred-Foot Journey into Indian Cooking :-)

hundred-foot-journeyThe Hundred-Foot Journey is a must-see. At least, the segments on Indian cooking 🙂

The rest of the Spielberg-Oprah production — well, you may or may not, perhaps, remember.


Indian Plants in Brooklyn :-)
So peaceful.

So peaceful.

Indian plants in Brooklyn? That is, plants from India — in Brooklyn, New York, USA?

Yes, you’ve heard it right!

So, just last week, I had a chance to revisit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and explored the beautiful place a little bit more. There, I found some plants I was very familiar with in India. 


Mukti’s Kitchen goes international

Something truly wonderful has happened recently and I’m so excited to tell you all about it.


Secrets of Healthy Indian Food

My aunt cooked Indian food that was out of this world. She was not a professional cook, but her home cooking was professional quality. She only knew how to cook Bengali Indian food; rice, curry, greens, dal, fish, hand-made bread, lamb, prawn, and rarely, desserts or fruit chutney.


Our Wonderful India Trip :-)

I just came from a trip to India. Brooklyn Food Coalition’s executive director Nancy Romer traveled with me. We had a great time.