Indian Culture

Goddess Durga and Godly Food
Jodhpur Park Durga Puja

Goddess Durga the Demon Slayer.

Goddess Durga with her ten hands and four children are here. She rides the lion and vanquishes the Asura – the demon. We celebrate her arrival on earth.


The four-day celebration has just begun. It’s that time when in India and Bengal and wherever we are, religion melts with social traditions, rituals melt with art, and fun melts with food.


Hindu Durga Puja is all about society and religion, fun and frolicking, and art and food.


And artistic food. You would miss out a lot if you didn’t know.


Let me help you to know.


Curry, Not In A Hurry :-)

Curry1Indian curry can NOT be made in a hurry.

No matter what they say. It’s not possible. You need time.


Because, it’s not magic. I mean, the cooking is magical. You can taste and smell and savor and slurp the magic once the dish is done.

But, you cannot make it as if something appears out of thin air when you wave a magic wand.

It’s art, and it’s delicate, and it’s subtle. You need time, and you need patience.


Our Wonderful India Trip :-)

I just came from a trip to India. Brooklyn Food Coalition’s executive director Nancy Romer traveled with me. We had a great time.