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Learn to Cook Delicious and Authentic Indian Food — in Brooklyn!

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How To Make Egg Curry (Anda Rsha) by Mukti Banerjee

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Student Testimonials

[accordions tabs_bgcolor=”” tabs_textcolor=”” tabs_bordercolor=”” tabs_opacity=””] [accordion title=”Brett W. Thompson”] “Mukti is a kind, warm, and patient teacher who has so much knowledge to share, including some amazing and simple tips. Immediately upon arriving I felt comfortable and learned tons during the class. Best of all, at the end of the class you get to eat Mukti’s food, which is incredible. I hope to attend another class as soon as possible!” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Robin Kvant”] “Mukti is a great teacher. We learned by hands on and demo. Special tips were given throughout that make a difference. The food was wonderful, like a bouquet of flavors. Highly recommended.” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Paul L. Brown”] “Those whom have experienced Mukti’s kitchen (now with beautiful renovations!) know well the special nature of her classes, totally unlike others in terms of the intimacy, warmth, as well as intensity of witnessing a master chef at work. And yet master Mukti makes Indian classical cooking available to novice levels straight through to more experienced student. most of all the classes are FUN, followed by delicious eating!” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Evelyn”]“ Would definitely go back for another cooking lesson. ” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Salathiel Maldonado”]“ Fun, informative and delicious. ” [/accordion] [accordion title=”JingLin Huang”]“ Mukti shared with us her passion for creating delectable gourmet Indian dishes from scratch and was very methodical about explaining each step of the process. The class was interactive and the atmosphere was down-to-earth. She was also very knowledgeable about the health benefits of the ingredients. Be ready to take notes because you will feel confident to try these dishes at home! ” [/accordion] [/accordions]


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