This new year, we renew our pledge to live a healthy and happy life. And we all know, being healthy and happy has a lot to do with our hearts. The heart yearns for happiness.

Event with catered Indian food from Mukti's Kitchen
Event with catered Indian food from Mukti’s Kitchen

Talk to your heart in this new year, and find out what it wants from you.

Although we all need money to survive and prosper, it cannot necessarily give us health. Health is something we carefully build and sustain. And it’s not only the poor and underprivileged who are victims of poor health; sure, they often get ill because they can’t afford good food, or rest.

Reality is, those who are continuously chasing after money and wealth often forget to take the time out to think about good food, good rest, good sleep, and spending quality time with themselves and their loved ones. Often, we see some of the richest people, in spite of having every possible way to live a luxurious life, fall victims of avoidable health problems.

They did not talk to their hearts, and their hearts did not like it.

Making money and wealth is a good thing, no doubt. But making money and wealth without seriously taking care of your health is definitely not. What good does it do if you have millions, and yet a sick body, and a weak heart?

Our hearts want to talk to you about your healthy lifestyle.

Here at our small, home-based Indian cooking class, I have always emphasized on how to cook healthy, eat healthy, and be happy over the food you eat – either by yourself, or with family, friends and loved ones. I have taught many different ways to cook authentic Indian food, which is all about quality, nutrition and health, without compromising the delicate aroma and taste of the dishes. For years, I have been teaching how to cook vegetarian and vegan, as well as traditional bread, rice, meat and fish preparations.

My special strength has always been to show how to use the various Indian spices and cooking techniques that not only make delicious items, but focus on the health aspects.

And cooking at home combined with eating with friends and family at home is always the best secret to be happy. And being happy over food is always the best recipe to keep a good heart.

Your heart demands you take care of it – to live a long, healthy life.

I help you to understand how to build and sustain happiness in your own kitchen.

Have a wonderful 2023.

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